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Ever fancied being a farmer or owning a pony? Now's your chance!

For birthdays and special occasions we offer the opportuntity to be a farmer for the day or a pony owner for the day. The day will start earlier than our normal opening hours at 9.00am. The young farmer/pony owner will be given their very own uniform baseball hat and become an accompanied member of staff for the day!

For the farmer for the day, their duties will include feeding all of our animals and putting the animals out into their paddocks. They will help with collecting the fresh chicken eggs, grooming the horses or donkeys and mucking out enclosures (although this will be kept to a minimum!). 

Along with daily duties they will assist with our Daily Programme which includes the public animal handling sessions and accompanying the tractor driver.

For the pony ownesr for the day, their duties will include feeding all the ponies and donkeys. They will help with grooming, exercising and mucking out stables or poo picking the ponies paddocks. As with the farmer for the day duties of mucking out, this will be kept to minimum too with the ponies! The pony owner of course will get a chance to do some riding too.

 We will provide farmers and pony owners with lunch which they can enjoy in the cafe.

All staff are C.R.B. checked to ensure the safety of our young farmers/pony owners and visitors.

Further details of clothing requirements etc will be arranged further to booking, to ensure that the young farmer or pony owner is suitably dressed and obtains the most possible enjoyment of the day.

Our farmer for the day or pony owner for the day initiative is charged at £70.00 per child.  Additional children are charged at £35.00 each (maximum 3 children in total)

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