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Share the fun at Blackberry Farm with your School, Nursery or Official Organisation


School and Nursery Bookings
Pupils and teachers or organisations visiting the farm are allocated a member of staff to give them a guided tour of the animals.  They will also have an exclusive animal handling session and tractor ride. Groups of 25 or more will be divided to ensure that they are adequately attended to.  For 10am arrivals, the tour finishes at approximately midday when the children can stop and enjoy their lunch and play on the play equipment. There is an allocated secure area, to store lunches and bags etc, which can also be used for picnics during periods of inclement weather.


Bookings are available for £6.50 per child. (aged 2-15) 
Free adult ratio: 
1:3 Nurseries.  1:6 Primary School.  1:1 Special Needs.  Girlguiding, Scouts and other official organisations 1:6


Additional adults are charged at £3.50




Groups do not need to be booked unless they require a tour of the farm*.  Simply turn up and the discount will be applied. 


Group prices:
Adults: £6.50.  
Children £6.00.  Seniors £4.50.


*We can also provide a guided tour of the farm, exclusive animal handling session and tractor ride at an additional charge of £15.00.


Please note that all groups comprising of over 10 will gain the group discount but tours can only be provided if pre-booked.


The discount cannot be applied unless the group are paying collectively.